Rainy Day Activities

When it’s raining some of your camping adventure plans can get dampened. Fear not though, you can still enjoy your camping trip! Below we have collated a number of activities which you and your family can enjoy while the weather is not so sunny (days like today).

1. Play board games – In the TV and reading lounge we have a number of board game which you can borrow and use during your stay.

2. Make hot chocolates – Nothing warms you up more than a hot chocolate on a cold rainy day.

3. Make you way to the Cape Hillsborough Diner – Enjoy a freshly brewed coffee and perhaps a delicious sweet treat. Or you can opt for some lunch available between 10am and 2pm daily.

4. Tell stories – Reminisce old camping stories and share your experience with other campers.

5. Play card games – Get your competitive side out and see who the best card player is.

6. Have a movie marathon – Indulge in all your favourite movies, while you sit back and listen to the rain fall.

7. Go for a rainy-day stroll once the clouds disappear – everything looks so different during and after rain, see what animals and creatures emerge or what watering holes appear.

8. Read a good book – In our reading and TV lounge we have a book sharing library, where you can borrow books to read during your stay at Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park.

9. Play Ping Pong, Pool or Mini Golf, the choice is yours – visit us at reception and find out how 🙂 

Rainy days like these are the perfect opportunity for you and your family to disconnect and reconnect with each other whilst listening and enjoying mother nature.