Booking T&C’s


A deposit is required to secure each reservation. For all bookings, a deposit equal to the first night’s accommodation/site rate must be paid at the time of making the reservation. Reservations will not be guaranteed without a deposit. We accept Visa and MasterCard for online and phone bookings and Cheques for phone bookings only.

For bookings placed on or after 30 June 2023:

  • Premium and High season: Final payment due 30 days prior to arrival
  • Mid and Low season: Final payment due on arrival

For bookings placed prior to 30 June 2023:

  • Premium season: Final payment due 30 days prior to arrival
  • High season: Final payment due 14 days prior to arrival
  • Mid and Low season: Final payment due on arrival

Seasons 2022/2023/2024

High Season 01/04/2022 14/04/2022
Premium Season 15/04/2022 18/04/2022
High Season 19/04/2022 21/04/2022
High Season – ANZAC day long weekend 22/04/2022 25/04/2022
High Season – CABINS 26/04/2022 28/04/2022
Low Season – SITES 26/04/2022 28/04/2022
High season – Labour Day weekend 29/04/2022 02/05/2022
High Season – CABINS 03/05/2022 29/09/2022
Low Season – SITES 03/05/2022 29/09/2022
High season – Queens Birthday long weekend 30/09/2022 03/10/2022
Low Season 04/10/2022 08/12/2022
High Season 09/12/2022 22/12/2022
Premium Season 23/12/2022 02/01/2023
High Season 03/01/2023 26/01/2023
Low Season 27/01/2023 31/03/2023
High Season 01/04/2023 06/04/2023
Premium Season 07/04/2023 10/04/2023
High Season 11/04/2023 27/04/2023
High season – Labour Day weekend 28/04/2023 30/04/2023
High Season – CABINS 01/05/2023 28/09/2023
Low Season – SITES 01/05/2023 28/09/2023
High season – Kings Birthday long weekend 29/09/2023 01/10/2023
Low Season 02/10/2023 07/12/2023
High Season 08/12/2023 21/12/2023
Premium Season 22/12/2023 01/01/2024
High Season 02/01/2024 27/01/2023
Low Season 28/01/2024 31/03/2024


Payment Options

Credit Card: Is accepted for online bookings and phone bookings.

Cheques: Will only be accepted if received more than 4 weeks prior to arrival. If sending a cheque or money order, please record your full name, postal address, phone number and reservation number on the reverse side.

Cancellation/ Refund/ Booking Policy

When you cancel your booking, fees may be charged under the following circumstances, which vary by season:

  • Premium season: Cancellations within 30 days of arrival will incur a cancellation fee equal to the total booking value
  • High season: Cancellations within 14 days of arrival will incur a cancellation fee equal to the total booking value
  • Mid season: Cancellations within 72 hours of arrival will incur a cancellation fee equal to the first night’s accommodation/site rate
  • Low season: Cancellations within 24 hours of arrival will incur a cancellation fee equal to the first night’s accommodation/site rate


Any refunds due will be processed to the same payment method which was used to pay for the booking.

All refunds in excess of $1000.00 will be processed via Electronic Funds Transfer within 30 days of booking cancellation.

Administration Fee: Where a refund is due, a $30 administration fee will be charged. This fee can be credited to a future booking if returning within 12 months of the initial cancellation.


  • Credits can only be taken on direct bookings and excludes any bookings via online travel agents (Expedia, Wotif, etc.)
  • Monies paid against a booking that has been cancelled as per the cancellation terms can be held in credit for a future booking.
  • Credits are valid for 12 months from the date a booking was cancelled.
  • Credits may be refundable for up to 12 months, if a refund was applicable at time of cancellation. After this point any monies paid are forfeited.

While we do our best to accommodate a preferred site or cabin number, these are not guaranteed.

General terms

We do not accept bookings from persons under the age of 18 years of age. All guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult such as a parent or guardian. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation where this condition is not met.

NRMA Membership Discounts

All NRMA Membership discounts are available to direct bookings on the “Standard Rate” only. All discounts apply to only one site or cabin per member per booking.

NRMA Members

Members of National Roads and Motorists’ Association are eligible for exclusive discounts throughout the year at Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park:

Bookings during low and mid seasons:

  • A free night when staying 4 nights or more


  • 10% discount uncapped

Whichever discount is greater will be automatically applied at time of booking.

Bookings during high and premium seasons:

  • 10% discount capped to the value of $60

All offers are subject to availability and specific exclusion dates may apply as outlined at time of booking. Existing bookings cannot be cancelled and rebooked under this offer. Strictly one free night per stay. Back to back bookings will not be facilitated.

Please mention your membership upon booking and present your card upon arrival at the park.

Sale, Promotional and Special Offer Tariffs

Any accommodation or site bookings made on a ‘Sale’ or discounted tariff is made under special conditions that differ from standard tariffs. Bookings made under sale tariffs have the following conditions applied, as agreed to at the time of booking:

Subletting of Accommodation

Accommodation/sites are provided to the booking party for the guest(s) as named on the booking. Accommodation must not be sublet or resold by the booking party for commercial gain without our prior written consent. Genuine group bookings are not affected.

Risk Warning

Park management wishes to warn all persons who engage in any activity for recreation, enjoyment, leisure or relaxation on or near the park, that the pursuit of such activities involves the risk of harm or serious personal injury including death, drowning, head, eye or spinal injury, paralysis, broken limbs or strains. Prior to undertaking any such activity, all occupants, guests or other persons should ensure and be satisfied that they are aware of all risks involved, including those risks associated with any pre-existing health condition. Such activities and facilities are varied and may include: playgrounds, playground equipment and jumping pillows; swimming pools, water slides, water parks and water activities; bicycle riding, pedal carts, skateboards and scooters; operation of vehicles, plant and equipment; sporting and children’s activities; exercise and gym equipment; interaction with wildlife, waterways, water courses and dams; trips, falls and collisions including interaction with other guests and their property; walking or running over uneven surfaces and grounds, tiled surfaces and wet areas which may result in slips, trips or falls; walking in unlit / poorly lit areas which may require a person to provide and carry a torch or other form of lighting; activities (including camping) with exposure to the natural environment (flora & fauna) including the risk of falling tree limbs. All persons who engage in recreational activities do so at their own risk. Children and infants must be supervised by an adult at all times. By entering the Park, it is accepted that all activities including recreational activities are not free of risk and that park management is not liable for any loss, damage or injury arising from such activities. On entry, it is also agreed that park management, owners, employees or agents are indemnified against all claims for injury, loss, damage or theft of property.

Swimming pools and water activities: Use of swimming pools, water slides, water parks and associated facilities may result in serious personal injury including death, drowning, head, eye or spinal injury, paralysis, broken limbs, strains or lacerations. Flips, somersaults and inverted manoeuvres into the water are dangerous and prohibited. Other risks include diving head first, slips, trips, falls, running on wet surfaces and not providing adequate supervision to children.