Wildlife DO’s and DON’TS

Here at Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park, our abundant wildlife is part of the family.  During your stay you will see a wide variety of animals, from cheeky nocturnal possums, to hundreds of different birds, insects, reptiles and, of course, our famous wallabies and kangaroos.  In order for everyone, animals and people alike, to stay safe and enjoy each other’s company, please follow these few hints and tips.

Please Do:

  • Stay at Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park as long as possible to get the full wildlife experience
  • Bring a camera– you will get some amazing photos
  • Keep a safe distance from animals
  • Step aside to let them pass if they approach you
  • Stay on designated walking trails and pathways to help protect the animals’ habitat and our flora
  • Observe the animals day and night – the change in behaviours is amazing!

Please Don’t:

  • Feed the animals (this includes bread, fruit and veg, mars bars, muesli bars etc)
  • Touch, pat or approach the animals, or make sudden movements. Please keep noise to a minimum
  • Take close up selfies, or use torches or flashlights
  • Walk through or amongst a group of animals
  • Use drones anywhere in the park
  • Bring your dogs or other domestic animals

Following these tips will ensure you get the best experience possible – as will the people who come after you. 

The friendly staff at Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park thank you for your cooperation.

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