Walking Trails

Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park is surrounded by the beautiful and peaceful Cape Hillsborough National Park. The area is blessed with four picturesque walking trails, all which are located in close vicinity to the park. 


Diversity Boardwalk

This award-winning environmental walk meanders through Melaleuca woodland, a mangrove community, eucalypt open forest and vine thicket. The Diversity Boardwalk is abundant with flora and fauna and highlights the cultural significance which the local environment had for the Yuibera People. Through out the boardwalk Aboriginal middens may be spotted, to find out more about the Aboriginal Culture CLICK HERE. 






Andrews Point

Photo Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland

This track provides five scenic lookouts which deliver fantastic views of the coastline and the Whitsunday Islands. This is a popular track that wanders through remnant rainforest and open eucalypt forest. Be sure to take the time to enjoy the views from Twin Beach Lookout and Turtle Lookout, this is the perfect location to spot turtles or whales (during migration season).  At low tide you can proceed across the causeway to Wedge Island.






Beachcomber Cove

This track passes through open eucalypt forest and remnant rainforest with hoop pines, ferns and vines. The lookout is located at the top of the ridge and provides scenic views of the area.  The cooler months of the year find Beachcomber Cove engulfed by native butterflies. Throughout, the wet season this trail comes to life, as several freshwater springs trickle and the major water course ‘Cascade Creek’ flows down forming gentle falls and a perfect swimming hole.





Yuibera Plant Trail

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This self guiding track highlights the plant food utilised by the Yuibera people, this walk is the ultimate delight for plant lovers. The magnificent trees, the sheer rock cliff, beautiful bay of water, and remnants of the fungi from the wetter months all combine to make Hidden Valley a very special place. The track then leads onto a billabong where it loops around through the rainforest.








Wedge Island

Wedge Island is located just offshore from Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park. Two hours either side of the low tide the causeway to the island becomes accessible. Take the time to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of this island. Walk along the small beach, up the rocks and through the cave to a track on top of the island where you can enjoy scenic views of the coastline and surrounding areas.  On a very low tide soft corals can be found between Wedge Island and Orchid Rock.

Orchid Rock is located on the left side of Wedge Island. In late September it can be found to be ablaze of colour with golden orchids.