Kangaroo’s and Wallabies on the Beach

The Kangaroos and Wallabies on the beach at sunrise is an experience like no other. Cape Hillsborough is renowned for its spectacular sunrises. Not only for the vast array of hues that colour the sky but for the greeting you get from the local residents. Eastern Grey Kangaroos and Wallabies make their way to the beach front each morning to feed on seaweed and mangrove seed pods which have washed up from the overnight tides. The combination of a sunrise and kangaroos on the beach provides an experience like no other, and that unforgettable picture-perfect photo opportunity.


How to Holiday in their Habitat:

Bring only a Long-lens Camera

The best photos of sunrise with the Wallabies and Kangaroos are taken on the upper side of the beach, rather than the shoreline. Selfies, flashes and bright torches are discouraged as they scare the animals.


Keep the Coast Clear

As the sun rises and the animals hop off into the shade of the National Park, please provide them a clear path to their retreat.


Patting is Prohibited 

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As cute and cuddly as they may appear, these are wild animals. Attempts to pat, touch or approach them will scare them off.


Don’t Contribute to their Breakfast Buffet

These native animals chow down on a breakfast of seedpods and seaweed. Please don’t play chef and offer them human food.


Personalised Experience 

If your looking for that more personalised experience when visiting the Kangaroos and Wallabies on the beach at sunrise, Mackay Tourism is now conducting tours. For more information please visit their website. 


For more information on the wildlife and DO’s and DON’TS please visit our FAQs.


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Information sourced from Tourism Events Queensland and Mackay Tourism