Did you say fishing!? Well ask the dedicated and they say ‘no, the fishing’s no bloody good anymore’ but that is like the endless stories of ‘the one that got away’ – no one wants to share the good fishing spots with anyone.

In November 2015, legislation was passed to make the area surrounding Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park a Commercial Net Free Zone. Protecting the area from the use of all forms of commercial gill netting. The area has seen a dramatic increase in fish numbers since the introduction and numbers are set to only increase as the years go by.

It is great to see the excited faces of kids when they catch a whiting or bream off the beach, and the not so young kids when they arrive back with flathead, finger mark, grunter or the occasional barra (in season) and to top it all off, you can get enough prawns and mud/sand crabs to feed the whole family. 

Species like finger-mark, barramundi, grunter, dew, salmon, mackerel and assorted reef fish can be found around the rocky out crops. Bream, whiting and flathead are some of the estuary species that may be caught off the beaches and in the local creeks. 

Sizing and Bag Limits 

In Queensland there are limits in place for the size of fish that can be legally taken for many species. There are minimum size limits and also some maximum size limits. For more details on size, take, and possession limits for Cape Hillsborough, click here.